New Journal, New ideas

Moleskine Alice in Wonderland

So I bought this awesome Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Limited Edition Moleskine Journal, not because of the super cool bookmark that came with it, (well, maybe I did), but because it looks super duper awesome!

Now that I have this journal though, I need ideas on what to do with it? Should I keep it as a diary or do something else with it. Let me know in the comments and also tell me what you guys and girls do with your very own journals. Thanks!


Working in A Military Hospital

Working In a Miltary hospital

So as some of you know, I recently PCS’d from Korea to Bethesda, Maryland to work at Walter Reed National Military Center. PCS stands for permanent change of station for those who don’t know, it is an army acronym meaning that the Army just relocated me since my time was up at my previous location.

Working in a hospital as an army medic is extremely different than being a medic in a field unit. In a field unit, I had more freedom to treat a patient and in what I had to do. I also had for the most part, the same soldiers since I was one of the medics that took care of a battalion. During that time, you get to form a very close bond with the soldiers and they come to you for whatever problem they may have, from medical to even personal problems. It really is amazing how important medics are to them.

In a hospital, its a little different, patients come and go, even though you might see a few return back again. During that time you take care of them and make sure they are comfortable but other than that, once they leave, you may never see them again. You can’t form the same bond you do with them like the soldiers you see daily. I have seen soldiers grow and I have grown with them.

That’s not saying the hospital life is bad either, its just a different experience. There are benefits to working in a hospital. I am able to bond with my fellow coworkers, which includes nurses, medics, corpsmans, and LPNs. Also, I have access to the latest training so I can continue to learn and be able to provide the best care to my patients. Another cool thing about working in a hospital, is that I can meet new people and listen to their life stories. Some of these people have lived great lives and its amazing listening to them tell their stories.

So in conclusion, even though it is a new experience to me and I might not always like the way things are done, I am looking forward to working at Walter Reed and looking forward to all the great moments I will have.

I forgot to tell you guys, but guess who got Promoted this month? This Guy!

SPC waiver Promotion
So I got promoted to SPC on the first of May! I was going to post about it earlier but I was completely swamped with work and I just forgot about until now. I still cannot believe I was chosen out of everybody who I was competing against.

I did work hard for it and I do a lot of extra stuff so I can honestly say I earned it. Now that I have made SPC though, its time to look at making SGT next! I will continue to strive to bring honor to the US  and the US army while continuing to better myself to become not just a better person but a better soldier and leader.

Hope all of you are having a great day or a nice night depending where you live in the world.

Your favorite and newly promoted SPC!

Who I Am And Why I Started Blogging


So I realized I haven’t officially introduced myself other than in my About Me page. If you already checked it out, I might repeat some things.

First off, let me start by telling you my name and some background info. My name is Ricky Olguin and I was born in the amazing state of Arizona. I am 22 yrs old, soon to be 23 currently living in South Korea. I am an Army Medic in the U.S. army and I love it.

Now, to why I started blogging

I started blogging as a way to express myself. I was always a shy kid and didn’t have anyone to talk too. I thought no one would ever read my blog, that no one would take the time to read what I wrote. Once people started commenting and reblogging, I felt special. Someone was actually interested in what I had to say and they enjoyed it. It was an amazing feeling. After a while, I was getting many followers and communicating with them when I finally realized something. My whole life, I was suffering from loneliness and I didn’t know it. I was so used too that, I thought it was okay to feel like that, but no more, I finally belonged to something. I belonged to my community, my fellow writers,  my people. I kept on blogging until I had over 80,000 followers. It was quite an experience starting from 0 and going to 80,000 in a couple of years on Tumblr. I may not have that many anymore since I stopped blogging for a while, but all of you made me into a better person, all of you made an impact on my life and hopefully I made an impact on yours. I want to start all over and make a difference in the world by bringing a smile to your face. Sometimes that is all a person needs, a smile or a kind word, to make it through another day.

So stay with me through my adventures in the blogging world and lets make a difference together. Lets smile all the way to Infinity and beyond!