Daily Prompt: Gender Stereotypes – Blogger With A Cause

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Blogger With a Cause.”

If I could throw myself completely behind a cause, it would be on gender equality. More specifically, it would be about gender stereotypes.

First off, I’ll be the first to admit that I know society would not call me “manly”. As a guy myself, I am expected to be tough, aggressive, and athletic. I can tell you, most of the time, I am not any of these things. I’m extremely shy, hate confrontation, and I am pretty passive unless its something I feel strongly about. I also have known some women who are more athletic, and more aggressive than some of the guys I know. Some people think of females, and are like, oh, she couldn’t be aggressive because shes a girl, but we all know that is a bunch of bull crap. In this day and age, views have been changing but we still have a long way to go for it to change completely.

As people, I believe we should all be treated the same. If a female is doing the same job as a male, why shouldn’t she get paid the same, it’ll only be fair? On the other side of the spectrum, if a guy wants to stay at home with the kids and take care of the home, why should that be frowned upon? If i had a preference, I would probably stay at home and watch the kids. What I’m trying to say is that no matter what we do, we are all the same, You and I should not be treated any differently because I am a guy and you are a girl. This is why I believe in this cause and why I would throw myself completely to this cause.


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