Can This Be The Best Hoodie for Pet Lovers?

Behold, the Mewgaroo Hoodie, the most amazing hoodie that has ever been invented for pet lovers! This hoodie has a pouch where you can put an adorable puppy or a small loving kitten in it and keep them with you while you lounge around the house! Isn’t it awesome?


This should be helpful at times when you have your puppy or kitten who keeps trying to get on top of you while you are blogging on Tumblr or just surfing the internet and keeps getting in the way. You can also do other things with your pet like sitting down reading a book or just being on the sofa watching Netflix.


Oh, did I also mention on how stylish it is? Just look at it!
It’s a super adorable cat shaped hoodie with paw-like sleeves with a “kangaroo” pouch for your pet. Whats not to love?

If you planning on getting one for you and your car or puppy, you can get it for 5,980 yen, which should be about $50 USD.
The Mewgaroo hoodie is available for purchase from Amazon Japan.

If you know of more super cool stuff out there, feel  free to let me know at Other than, comment below if you are planning on getting one of these hoodies!


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