Communicating Online Is Super Duper Different than In-Person

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “It’s a Text, Text, Text, Text World.”


I have social anxiety so I communicate way differently in person than I do online – except with my  family and little by little, my co-workers. The Army has really helped me with my social anxiety a lot these past two years, maybe its because the Army is such a social place that you are forced to confront it. I do hate that about the Army but nothing will change until society values introversion as much as they do extroversion, especially in the Army.

Anyways getting back on topic, I am a very different person online than in the real world. I share things with you that I would never share with a person I know in the real world. I get to share my thoughts and ideas with you and I always find somebody who can I can relate wit. I am able to create a bond with a lot of you that i cant do with an actual person because I don’t feel comfortable with them but i do with you. I can do all of these many things without being judged for it and even if I do its not the same as being  judged there in person.
Talking to a real-life human being is oh so tiring. People always want to have small talk but all it does is frustrate me because i have to try to find words to say while being careful on what I am saying. I always feel like i’m being judged, its just horrible.

I have to admit though, sometime’s i even watch what I say online with you guys and girls. I know its an un-rational fear of being judged but I just can’t help it. It does help though that I can edit my posts before  and after I click the publish button at any time I want.

Communicating emotion and Intent in a purely written medium is sometimes challenging at best but mostly its just a little bit of work. You have different types of tools at your disposal. You can you use bold or italic to highlight something important or to give emphasis, you can use smiley faces and other emoticons, and if you are feeling a little wild, you can even use animated gifs. There are so many ways to show emotion online through writing there is no reason you can’t.

Well that is all for this Week’s Daily prompt!
What did you guys and girls think? Is it easier for you to talk to someone online than in person or is it the other way around, and if so why? Comment below!


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