Lazy Saturday Must-Haves

So how has your Saturday been so far? Mine has been okay so far. Today’s post will be short because I just wanted to post something before I go out to do medical coverage for the field next week. I’ll try to post something while im there but we’ll see how that goes, anyways to get back on topic, this is my Saturday must haves for this week.

Lazy day Saturday
The first is Netflix, who doesn’t like getting comfy with a blanket in bed and get on Netflix for a couple hours on a lazy day ?  I do it more often than I should. I’ve been watching Haven lately but I finished that last night, so now I moved back to Shakugan No Shana to finish watching as you can see in my picture above.  Shakugan No Shana is not on netflix, but it is a great anime to watch. If you’re interested you should check it out on Here is an excerpt from the show’s page,

Wielding a blazing sword, Shana is a fiery huntress whose sole purpose is to fight demon-like beings that consume human lives. To reduce the impact on the human realm, Shana turns the slain into shadows of their former selves. Once a flame that represents their remaining life goes out, they fade from existence. This should be Yuji’s fate, but when he discovers he holds a special power that ignites a newfound strength in Shana, they join forces in her ongoing mission to maintain the balance between the ordinary world and the supernatural.

If you’re interested, go check it out!

The second is Tumblr. This to me is a daily necessity, I might not always post something everyday but this is where I get all of my daily inspiration. If i ever have a problem or a question, I know my followers will always have the right answer. Tumblr is not just a place to blog, its a community. If you want to check out my blog, just click the link below:

Last but not least, is my Xbox One. I might not use this item every day, but sometimes just playing video games is fun way to make the day fly by especially on a lazy day. Its also a great stress reliever. The games I usually play are Battlefield 4, Final Fantasy: Type 0, and the one I am currently hooked on and recommend is Life is Strange!

Well that’s a wrap for this Lazy Saturday’s Must-Haves. If you have your own must-have items for a lazy saturday, post them in the comments below!



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